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Grove City, Ohio 43123

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company directory

Kevin Coffey
Realtor / Property Manager
(614) 300-2900 ext 115  
Kylee Warren
Leasing Manager
(614) 300-2900 ext 102  
Justin Roe
Maintenance Manager
(614) 300-2900 ext 105  
Ruth Pearson
Finance Manager
(614) 300-2900 ext 107  
Dirk Shillinger
Market Ready Managerr
Danielle Carter
Maintenance Coordinator
(614) 300-2900 ext 105  
Scott Zoepke
Transitions Manager
(614) 300-2900 ext 106  
Jessica Coffey
Delinquency Coordinator
(614) 300-2900 ext 201  
Bobbi Hain
Transaction Manager/Buyers Real Estate Agent/Sales Ops Mgr
(614) 300-3019